Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions I receive. If you have a question, please read this FAQ first. Thanks!


How'd you come up with the name 'Simple and Clean', anyway?
I picked it for a couple of reasons.  It's actually the name of a song I like.  The English opening theme of Kingdom Hearts, to be specific.  It's a lovely song, sang by Hikaru Utada.  Plus, I think the phrase rather fits my skinning style, so I decided to use it.

Can I post your Winamp Skins on my site?
Email me and ask first.  Tell me what you want to use and where you'll use it.  You must give me credit as the creator.   And, of course, NO DIRECT LINKING!

Can I link to your site?
Of course!  The more hits I get to this site, the better!

Can I link to your Winamp Skins?
Absolutely not.  I can't have you stealing my bandwidth.

What program do you use to edit your images?
I use Micrografx Picture Publisher 8 for my main editing, and Paint Shop Pro for certain things.

How do you make Winamp skins?
The way that I make them is fairly simple.  I use Skinner to put the image into skin format and save it as a .zip file.  Then, I extract all the files and tweak them as necessary using Micrografx Picture Publisher.  I'm not good enough at it to make them from scratch, yet. ^^;;

Why do you (almost) always hide [this button] on your skins?
There are several things that I tend to hide on my skins.  I always use non-functioning equalizers and I almost always hide the open, shuffle, repeat, EQ and PL buttons.  Why?  Because I almost never use any of these, myself.  And if I do want to use them, I can find them easily enough; I know where to click to activate them, even with the buttons hidden.  I'm sure that some people use these buttons more than I do, but I've always skinned primarily for myself.  So, my skins are tailored to my Winamp using needs.  ^^;;

Do you know how to make screencaps?
I make all my screencaps using my DVDROM.  I play my DVDs with WinDVD, which has a capture feature. (Just press 'P' while watching)  Otherwise, if you hit Ctrl+PrintScrn, you can capture whatever is on your screen at the moment.  For my raw episodes, I use BSPlayer to cap them (Just press 'P' while watching)

I found this pic that would make a great skin!  Can I email it to you?
Not that I don't appreciate it, but no.  What with the danger of viruses, I only download attachments/images sent from people that I know and trust.  If you would like to upload it to your website and send me the link, I'd be happy to look at it.

How do you decided on the titles for your skins?
I'm a music nut, so most of my titles come from songs.  Song titles, stuff from the lyrics, whatever.  Sometimes certain songs will just remind me of certain characters. Other times, I have do a little digging to find something appropriate. And sometimes I don't bother and give the skin something generic. There's a long list of songs that are just waiting for the perfect skin to accompany. It's a matter of making the skin that fits the vision first.