Winamp Skins:

Slayers is a long time favorite title, for me.  It was one of my first, and still amuses me.  I love the music, art, acting...everything. ^^  Here are my skins featuring the Slayers gang.  Newest skins are on top.

I made these skins.  Please do not take them and archive them elsewhere.  Do not cross-link them.  Email me first.  Thank you.


Midnight Blue - Lina and Gourry


"Midnight Blue" ~ Lina Inverse & Gourry Gabriev

Yay, a new Slayers skin!  It's been long enough, huh?

I'm a die-hard Lina/Gourry shipper, so I love the source image.  I think I like the color scheme; blue's one of my favorite colors, but I ended up using darker shades than usual to suit the image...I'm tentatively happy, but I just hope it's not too dark.  ^^;;

Title is from a Slayers song, because it just fits.

Hidden Buttons:  Open, Shuffle, Repeat, EQ/PL

Somewhere - Filia ul Copt


"Somewhere" ~ Filia ul Copt

Finally, a remade version of my Filia skin. ^^  Next to Lina, she's probably my favorite female character from Slayers...Plus, TRY is awesome ^^

I really like the base image...Filia's just pretty.  The name comes from the final ending theme of TRY, which is sung by Filia's seiyuu.

Hidden Buttons:  Open, Shuffle, Repeat, EQ/PL

Sole Survivor - Valgarv


"Sole Survivor" ~ Valgarv

A remade version of my first Val skin! ^^  Ever since I first saw TRY, I've been quite attached to him.   He's one of the only truly serious characters in all of Slayers.   Plus, TRY just rocks. ^^  The base image is a screencap from one of the early episodes of TRY.  The name is from the fact that Val's the last of his kind.

Hidden Buttons:  Open, Shuffle, Repeat

Don't Let Go - Lina Inverse & Gourry Gabriev


"Don't Let Go" ~ Lina Inverse & Gourry Gabriev

A remade version of my third Slayers skin, and my second L/G skin. ^^  This is my favorite pairing from the series, so I couldn't resist making a skin of them.  This one, too, comes from the final episodes of NEXT. ^^  The title comes from a duet between Brian Adams and Sarah McLachlan.

Hidden Buttons:  Open, Shuffle, Repeat

Ganbare Necromancer - Lina Inverse & Filia ul Copt

"Ganbare Necromancer" ~ Lina Inverse & Filia ul Copt

A remade version of my skin featuring my two favorite Slayers gals, Lina and Filia.

I cleaned up the original version by adding borders, redoing the playlist, and redoing the buttons.  And what a difference it made!  The skin looks so much better now, I just love it.  ^_^

The pic comes from the opening footage of TRY, and the name is from a Slayers song by Megumi Hayashibara. ^__^

Hidden Buttons:  Open, Shuffle, Repeat